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Our Ayurvedic Doctors are here to help you.

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List of Ayurvedic Treatments

List of Ayurvedic Treatments offered at Rejuvenate Health Ayurveda clinic

Panchakarma Treatments

Panchakarma is a powerful method of purification and treatment in Ayurveda. As the name suggests, it is a set of five therapies designed to cleanse the body of toxins. These therapies are-

Sex and Ayurveda

Being a disputable region, not much has been discussed the extraordinary commitments of Ayurveda in the fields of sex and closeness. As per Ayurveda, sex isn’t confined to propagation but on the other hand is a course to sustenance. On the off chance that a fantastic association of two bodies is created, it offers great wellbeing and essentialness to both the accomplices. Ayurveda depicts sexual issues and incapacities because of flawed Vata and has powerful solutions for it. A great deal of current medications utilized for modifying or keeping up with the soundness of sex organs are Ayurvedic in beginning.

Kerala Ayurveda

While the starting points of Ayurveda are in the lower regions of Himalayas, Kerala has stayed a noticeable place for Ayurveda. Kerala houses various prominent Ayurvedic treatment focuses which adds to the greatness of God’s own country. Ayurveda in Kerala centers around spice based medicines as opposed to metal based medicines in the northern piece of the country.

Ayurvedic Remedies

While Ayurveda has a few drugs which are a complicated blend of herbs and other naturally occurring components, there are a few home cures which have been recommended in Ayurveda. The utilization of flavors like turmeric to treat cold and hack is so pervasive in India that it is in many cases not even thought as an Ayurveda cure. Practically every one of the flavors in Indian kitchens like dark pepper, cinnamon, cardamom and so on have benefits related with them for some or different sicknesses. Aloe Vera which is turning out to be very famous in a few current skin health management systems, is called ghritkumari and has been a significant home cure in Ayurveda both for skin conditions and processing.

Ayurvedic Diet

Ayurvedic diet is prescribed as per the prakruti (body constitution) and vikruti (imbalance in the body) of a person. Hence, Ayurvedic diet recommendations vary from person to person. Some examples of Ayurvedic diet are given below

Vata Prakriti:
Food to Have: Favour foods that are warm, heavy, and oily.
Food to Avoid: Cold, dry, spicy, bitter, astringent etc

Pitta Prakriti:
Food to Have: Foods that are cool, refreshing and liquid. Vegetables and fresh organic fruits.
Food to Avoid: Spicy, salty or sour foods.

Kapha Prakriti:
Food to Have: Foods that are spicy, bitter, and astringent.
Food to Avoid: Sweet, salty, and sour.

Ayurvedic Medicines

Ayurvedic medications are a cautious determination of spices, plant extricates, oils, metals and minerals from regular sources. The essential objective of Ayurvedic medication is to assist with peopling live lengthy, solid and healthy lifestyles without the requirement for doctor prescribed drugs, confounded medical procedures or experiencing difficult circumstances. The view is that all sicknesses occur because of an irregularity in the three Doshas. Thus, the drugs are likewise as per the individual dosha awkwardness. They treat the issue all in all including mental and actual issues, the individual’s contemplations and convictions and his/her way of life.

Ayurvedic Treatment

Treatment in Ayurveda is a recuperating cycle which targets disposing of the sickness, forestalling its future event and guaranteeing generally speaking prosperity. With its comprehensive methodology and normal techniques, Ayurvedic treatment pursues a super durable fix. It goes after the main driver of the issue as its goal isn’t simply reestablishing wellbeing yet additionally to make balance in the body. This is accomplished by adjusting the doshas, disposal of poisons, reinforcing the stomach related framework, opening up channels and revival of tissues.

Ayurvedic Doctors

An Ayurvedic specialist needs to concentrate on the BAMS (Bachelors of Ayurveda, Medicine, and Surgery) course and invest energy at an Ayurvedic clinic to qualify as an Ayurvedic specialist or Vaidyas as they are prominently called. A portion of the first sacred texts are in Sanskrit, so understudies with a foundation in the language, can help by figuring out the first sacred texts.

5 Advantages of Ayurveda Over Modern Medicine



Suppresses only the symptoms of diseaseTargets the root cause of disease
Prolonged use has side effectsIs natural and hence gentle on the body
Drugs are costlyTreatments are cost-effective
Resistance to antibiotics is causing treatment failureIs effective against pathogens that show resistance to allopathic drugs
Treatment is mainly through oral medicationTreatment is holistic; includes oral medicines, therapies, diet and exercise


Ayurvedic treatment is utilized by around 80% of individuals in India. As of late the western nations have additionally begun tolerating the other option or normal treatments like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Yoga and Meditation. Albeit the clinical proof for viability of Ayurvedic medicines is lesser when contrasted with the customary or current medication, many individuals favor Ayurveda because of its comprehensive methodology.

What is the basic principle of Ayurvedic Therapies?

Ayurvedic medicines are all encompassing in nature. This implies Ayurveda thinks about human as a piece of climate and accepts that genuine wellbeing can be accomplished through an all encompassing methodology that objectives physical, mental, and social prosperity.

The achievement and acknowledgment of Ayurvedic medicines a lies in its essential standards,

  1. The five components: All living and non‑living things, in this universe are comprised of five essential components and hence every substance in nature can possibly be a medication.
  2. The Tridosha: The Ayurveda works by idea of tridosha (Vata, Pitta, apha) which are really the physiobiological properties. Any irregularity caused in triDoshas can prompt illness and in this manner a reasonable state has been considered as a fundamental objective for therapeutics in Ayurveda.

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Read doctor-produced health and medical information written for you to make informed decisions about your health concerns.

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