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Hair Transplantation (FUE)

FUE hair transplantation is also known as Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplantation or Follicular Transfer (FT).
The name itself suggests the meaning of the technique. It is a process in which a group of two to four hair follicles is extracted from the donor region. This technique has broadened the scope of hair transplant procedures.
Now, with this technique, it is possible to extract hair follicles from different body parts other than the head, such as beard, upper back, and chest. So, these body hair follicles can then be transplanted on the head. It should be kept in mind that different method addresses different problems and it is extremely vital to visit an experienced surgeon for the replacement.

It is a comparatively newer technique as compared to the older methods of hair transplantation. Instead of taking a complete strip from a donor area, only individual follicles are taken so less stitching is required in the donor area leaving little or no scars.


In this method, the natural look is completely maintained and lets you live your life in the most confident manner.



Advantages of FUE

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Treatment Procedure

The treatment procedure for Hair Transplantation (FUE) is as follows:

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