Stretch Mark Removal Treatment

Most-Advanced Treatment to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Permanently

Stretch marks  are caused for different reasons such as weight gain, pregnancy, adolescent growth spurts, and even genetics. Stretch marks are not limited to gender; they can happen in both men and women. They can also appear on young teens as well as adults. Stretch marks happen because of tear in the resilient deep tissue in the skin which imparts support to the skin. This happens due to breaking down of collagen and elastin fibers (supporting proteins) secondary to excessive expansion of body tissues. They start as red or pink lines but gradually turn into silver or white streaks.

Thanks to the advancement of modern science, the removal of the dreaded stretch marks is now achievable with next generation radiofrequency machine Secret. Rejuvenate Health Skin And Hair Clinic offer a promising technology called Secret radiofrequency for stretch marks. Secret radiofrequency ensures new collagen production and remodeling in the deeper layers of the skin without any downtime, thus improving the stretch marks. The treatment is a completely safe and non-invasive procedure which brings back your flawless skin.

What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks or striae, as they are referred to in dermatology, are a form of skin scars which usually appear like fine lines with ridges, almost like indentations sometimes. They are often red or purple at first, before gradually fading to a silvery-white color. They usually occur over the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, upper arms, shoulders, and breasts. Stretch marks are generally associated with pregnancy and obesity.

Depending on the genetic tendency and skin repairing potential, intensity and extent of stretch marks varies between individuals. Both genders are affected with slight female preponderance. Stretch marks occur because of permanent rupture of skin dermal fibers, collagen and elastin. Stop expecting that they would disappear on their own; it requires treatment to fade them away.

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Stretch Marks Removal With Secret RF

Stretch marks removal treatment with Secret RF at Rejuvenate Health Clinic clears stretch marks on breasts, hips, thighs, legs, lower back, and other body parts too.

Secret RF is a bipolar micro-needling radiofrequency procedure that heats the skin’s lower layers to stimulate collagen production and remodeling. The repair happens in the deeper skin layers while the upper layers remain unaffected.

Secret RF needs just 4-8 sessions, spaced at monthly intervals, to give optimal results. It can also be given in combination with other treatments to get better results. The best part of Secret RF treatments for stretch marks is that it has absolutely NO downtime or recovery period. You can resume your normal activities almost immediately after the procedure.

Secret RF Treatment At Rejuvenate Health Clinic

Secret RF stretch marks treatment at Rejuvenate Health Clinic is a simple procedure which doesn’t last more than two hours. The treatment starts with the initial comprehensive consultation with the expert dermatologists. The doctors assess the extent of stretch marks through a proper history and thorough examination to know the extent of stretch marks.

Post the initial consultation, the client is guided to a personal consultation room where in only the expert dermatologist and assisting staff is allowed. The assistant cleans the target area of stretch marks affected skin and applies a topical anesthetic cream. This is done to make the process more comfortable and aseptic.

After 45 minutes to one hour, the dermatologist then starts the Secret RF procedure by moving the hand piece over the stretch marks affected area slowly, ensuring that every part of target area is covered uniformly. The treatment is done in 45 mins to 90 mins. After the treatment is completed, the area is cleansed by the assisting staff and the client is allowed to relax for 30-40 mins before resuming his daily activities. Post care instructions are given and follow up is scheduled once the procedure is completed.

What Happens Post Stretch Marks Treatment?

Stretch marks treatment with Secret RF is absolutely painless and there is no tell-tale sign after the procedure is done. The downtime is almost zero since the treatment involves taking care of the inner layers of skin while the upper layer not being affected. There is no tell-tale sign that would indicate that you have gone through this procedure.

One may experience warm and tingling sensation post the treatment for an hour or so. Few people with very sensitive skin may have slight redness like sunburn. Most of the clients for stretch marks treatment with Secret RF can resume their work the day after, without any obvious effects.

Experience the advanced Secret RF treatment and see your stretch marks fade away into oblivion. Get a one-to-one consultation with the expert dermatologists today.

Secret RF Benefits

Secret RF treatment has emerged as the most advanced and latest treatment option for stretch marks. Secret RF can treat stretch marks on breasts, stretch marks, hips, thighs, and other body parts in just a few sessions.

The many benefits of Secret RF stretch marks treatment are –

  • Safe for all skin colors and types
  • Stimulates and remodels skin collagen and elastin production
  • Reduces both old and new stretch marks
  • Absolutely pain-free procedure
  • Minimal or no down time
  • No tell-tale sign after the treatment
  • Suitable for people with sensitive skins too; can be done for people who have a tendency to get blemishes, marks, scars, or pigmentation easily

Why Stretch Marks Treatment At Rejuvenate Health?

The expert dermatologists at Rejuvenate Health Clinic use the most advanced and latest Secret RF to treat stretch marks.

Top six reasons to choose Rejuvenate Health Clinic for stretch marks treatment are –

  • Stringent protocols and set tested guidelines which are followed for every client
  • Team of in-house expert dermatologists who have decades of collective experience in treating skin related concerns
  • Secret RF is a USFDA approved equipment, which is safe, non-surgical, and non-invasive
  • Every skin is different and so are its requirements. This is the reason why our doctors customizes the stretch marks treatment for every individual client
  • Discreet, dignified, and confidential service. We take extreme measures like assigning you a personal consultation and service room every time you visit Rejuvenate Health Clinic
  • The state-of-the-art facilities with relaxing and peaceful ambiance at every center of Rejuvenate Health Clinic are world class.