Advantages of hair transplant.

Hair transplantation is a procedure where individual hairs are taken from the back of the head (donor area) and moved to balding areas (recipient area). Hair transplantation is performed to correct thinning hair, baldness, scarring, alopecia, and other conditions.
The procedure involves harvesting donor hair grafts from the back of the scalp, dissecting them under local anesthesia, then implanting them at the recipient site. A linear pattern is created by moving grafts down the line of hair loss. There are two types of hair transplants: strip-exchange and follicular unit extraction. Strip-exchange is done using punches or blades to harvest strips of hair. Follicular unit extraction uses a laser to remove single hair follicles. Both methods result in natural looking results.
There are several advantages of hair transplant surgery including:
• No downtime – no suture removal necessary.
• Natural appearance – looks almost identical to original hair.
• Minimal pain – only local anesthesia is used.
• Fast recovery time – usually takes less than 2 hours.
• Low cost – compared to other treatments, hair transplantation costs much less.
• Permanent solution – once the transplanted hair grows out, it lasts forever.
• Fewer procedures – requires fewer sessions over a longer period of time.
• Less invasive – does not require shaving the entire head.
• Better results – hair transplantation works best on people who have lost their hair due to male pattern baldness.
• More options – hair transplantation can be combined with other cosmetic procedures to create a fuller look.

How to Do a Facial at Home: 12 Steps (with

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Why do Facial before any event?

A facial is a popular spa treatment that is beneficial for both the skin and the soul. This luxurious treatment can help to clear away dead skin cells, dirt, and oil from the pores. It can also help to improve blood circulation, which gives the skin a healthy glow. There are many different types of facials available, and each one is designed to target specific skin concerns. Whether you are looking for a facial that will help to reduce wrinkles or one that will help to clear up acne, there is a facial for you. Keep reading to learn about the different types of facials and their benefits!

Facial treatments are very popular in today’s beauty industry. There are many different types of facials that are designed to suit different skin types and needs. Facial treatments can be done in a salon or at home, and there are many different products that can be used to achieve the desired results. The most common type of facial is the basic cleansing facial, which is designed to clean the skin and remove any impurities. This type of facial is suitable for all skin types and can be done on a regular basis. Other types of facials include exfoliating facials, which are designed to remove dead skin cells and improve the complexion. Another popular type of facial is the anti-aging facial, which is designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. If you are considering a facial treatment, then it is important to consult with a dermatologist or other skin care professional to find the best facial for your skin type.

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Furthermore, our clinic is located inside a private hospital offering you the confidence you wouldn’t get from a shopping centre clinic. Our facility is home to leading dermatologists and cosmetic doctors and we offer an extensive range of cosmetic treatments. With our chic layout and accommodating décor, Sydney’s best Medi Facial service really does offer the best results coupled with an unbeatable experience.

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Dermatologist’s 1 Best Facial Treatment

August 17, 2018

Spa facials are now commonplace, offered everywhere from shopping malls to neighbourhood estates. While these may help you unwind,  conventional spa facials may not be able to deliver effective results to your skin, and they may even cause more harm than good.

This is because facials at conventional spas or beauty salons are unsupervised by a doctor and may cause irritation and skin sensitivity. Often they include forceful extraction of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads that not only inflame the skin and cause pain but also increase the chances of secondary infections and deep scarring. Some of our patients have even contracted viral warts from contaminated instruments used for pimple extraction.

Enter the Medifacial. Short for medical facial, it is a procedure performed at a licensed medical establishment with non-invasive dermatological procedures. It causes neither pain or scarring, and uses pharmaceutical grade solutions and serums. A form of microdermabrasion very gently exfoliates dead skin cells, and a specialized vacuum handpiece extracts blackheads and whiteheads. The procedure both removes impurities and intensely hydrates with potent serums, including antioxidants and hydroxy acids, that soothe and rejuvenate the skin.

Medifacials can be tailored to the address a patient’s individual skin concerns including:

Facial Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a safe and painless resurfacing procedure that results in decreased levels of melanin and increased collagen density. Not to be confused with dermabrasion, it targets the epidermis – the outer skin layer – instead of the dermis which is the deeper skin layer.

In conventional dermabrasion, a handpiece sprays inert crystals onto the face – such as aluminium oxide, magnesium oxide or sodium chloride or other abrasive substances – and vacuums them off.

In a medifacial, the microdermabrasion process uses a specialized vacuum handpiece embedded with an abrasion tip that is designed to rotate and gently exfoliate the skin while concurrently applying a soothing solution. The vacuum pressure and speed is adjusted to each patient’s sensitivity and tolerance to maintain as comfortable a procedure as possible.

The mechanism of abrasion and suction gently exfoliates the outer skin layers to remove dead skin cells. With a superficial depth of skin removal, microdermabrasion helps improve the conditions of skin surface such as scarring or photodamaged skin.

By producing controlled superficial trauma, the procedure also promotes facial rejuvenation. Repetitive injury to the epidermis can cause gradual improvement as it stimulates collagen production and fibroblast proliferation. (Fibroblast are cells found in connective tissues that produce collagen and other fibres.) This allows new collagen deposition in the dermis layer.

Mild erythema (redness) may occur at the end of a microdermabrasion treatment but will subside within hours. Microdermabrasion should not be confused with dermabrasion.

Facial Extraction

If you have self-extracted comedones at home, you will likely be aware of the excessive scarring and breakouts that often follow. It is likely that the right pressure or angle is not applied during home extractions, disrupting the integrity of follicles and causing inflammation. Not using medically sterilised equipment can also lead to infections, exacerbating the condition.

In a dermatologist’s office, extraction is safely and easily performed and rarely leaves residual scarring. An accredited dermatologist can first assess between comedones that are suitable for extraction versus those that are not. After prepping the skin with alcohol, a tiny prick incision is made with a surgical blade to lightly pierce the epidermis. Light or medium pressure is applied directly on top of the comedo until all of the contents are removed. The treatment may cause minor discomfort but also help achieve an almost instant improvement in skin appearance.

In a medifacial, the microdermasion and vacuum processes, together with specialized and hydrating solutions, “loosen” and extract blackheads, whiteheads, excess sebum, keratin and other impurities. The specialized medifacial handpiece creates a strong vacuum with precision control that targets comedones from enlarged pores and removes the associated waste from the epidermis. It avoids collateral damage to the surrounding tissue and is completely painless.

Infusion of potent serums

In a medifacial, topical infusion of various serums and solutions is carried out continuously using the specialized treatment handpiece. The serums contain a potent mix of sodium hyaluronate, antioxidants and hydroxy acids that are applied at different stages of treatment to achieve a variety of effects such as skin hydration, lightening of pigmentation and softening of the skin for exfoliation and extraction.

Antioxidants are substances that protect our body and skin from oxidative damage. With their highly protective and rejuvenating properties, they are a mainstay in skincare formulations and key ingredients in a medifacial treatment. Antioxidants used include vitamin E, vitamin C, and rosa damascena (or rose water) that have brightening effects to help skin achieve a radiant glow.

Larecea Extract™ is a dermatologist-formulated combination of bioactive antioxidants derived from brassica olereacea (cruciferous family plants)  and potent regenerative amino acids. It is a trademarked ingredient in the Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals’ cosmeceutical line.

Hydroxy acids help remove the top layer (epidermis) of dead skin cells. They do this by dissolving the ‘cement’ between skin cells, revealing smoother and firmer skin. Hydroxy acids used in a medifacial treatment include salicylic acid and lactic acids. Lactic

So the next time you step out of a facial salon with unsatisfying results, do consider a medifacial instead. Conducted under the supervision of an accredited dermatologist, a medifacial clears up the skin and helps restore its brightness through microdermabrasion, extractions, and an infusion of potent nutrient serums that hydrate and rejuvenate. It also has zero downtime, and only requires liberal sunscreen application to protect against ultraviolet radiation afterwards.

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Prepare your skin for winters

The advent of winter signals a change in the skin’s needs. The dry, cold air SUCKS the moisture from the skin, leaving it chapped, flaky and itchy. No matter what your skin type is, you will definitely need to change up your skincare routine to prepare your skin for the harsh winter months. Here are a few essential tips to help you get started:

1. Use a heavier moisturizer: During winters, it is essential to use a heavier moisturizer that can provide long-lasting hydration to the skin. Look for products that contain ingredients like glycerin, shea butter, etc.

2. Apply a lip balm: Lip balms are a winter essential! They help to protect the lips from the drying effects of the cold, windy weather.

3. Exfoliate regularly: Exfoliation is important to get rid of dead skin cells that can accumulate on the surface of the skin. This helps to improve the skin’s texture and also allows your other skincare products to work

As the weather cools down and the days get shorter, our skin begins to suffer. The low humidity in the air combined with the cold weather can leave our skin feeling dry, itchy, and irritated. Winter is the perfect time to give your skin some extra love and care. There are a few simple steps you can take to prepare your skin for the winter months. First, you’ll want to switch to a richer, more nourishing cleanser. A weekly exfoliating treatment will also help to remove dead skin cells and promote cell turnover. Lastly, don’t forget to apply a hydrating moisturizer to help your skin retain moisture. By following these simple tips, you can help your skin survive the winter months looking and feeling its best!

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obličejovýobličejová maska



facijalnitretman lica








sự làm đẹp cho mặtthuộc mặt

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(feis) noun1. the front part of the head, from forehead to chin. a beautiful face. gesig وَجْـه лице rosto obličej das Gesicht ansigt πρόσωποcara, rostro nägu صورت kasvot visageפנים मुख, चेहरा lice arc wajah andlit faccia, viso 顔 얼굴 veidas seja muka gezichtansikttwarz مخ rosto figură лицо tvár obraz lice ansikte ใบหน้า yüz 面孔 обличчя, лице چہرہ mặt 面孔3. in mining, the end of a tunnel etc where work is being done. a coal face. oop steenkoollaag نِهايَة نَفَق المَنْجَم край (на тунел) frente čelo porubu die Wand minefase μέτωπο εξόρυξης cara de trabajo esi قسمت اصلی معدن päätyseinämä front d’attaque דופן खदान इत्यादि में वह भाग जहां काम चल रहा है okno fejtési felület ujung terowongan endi gangs í kolanámu fronte 切羽 막장 kirtimo/gręžimo aikštelė cirtne hujung terowong frontstuss, stuffprzodek د كاڼ اصلي برخه frente front de abataj забой čelo, predok (porubu) (rudniško) čelo okno kolfront พื้นหน้า yüz, alın 採掘面 вибій, забій کوئلے کی کان کی دھاری mỏ 采掘面 verb1. to be opposite to. My house faces the park. kyk uit op, is oorkant يُقابِل гледам към dar para být obrácen do/k gegenüberliegen vende ud mod βλέπω προς estar enfrente de (millegi) vastas asuma رو به طرفی بودن olla jtk kohti donner sur לִהיוֹת מוּל सामने होना, करना gledati na, biti okrenut prema néz (vmire) menghadap snúa að essere di fronte a, guardare verso に面している …쪽을 향하다 stovėti prieš, būti atsigręžusiam būt vērstam pret/ar skatu uz menghadap uitzien op vende mot, stå like overfor wychodzić na مخامخ ته کیدل dar para a fi orientat spre смотреть на byť obrátený gledati na gledati na ligga (stå) mittemot ตรงข้าม …-e bakmak 面對 виходити на سامنے ہونا đối diện 面对2. to turn, stand etc in the direction of. She faced him across the desk. met jou gesig na iets sit/ staan/ kyk يُواجِه стоя с лице към enfrentar otočit se/stát čelem k ansehen vende sig imod; stå med front mod αντικρίζω estar de cara, ponerse de cara näoga (millegi, kellegi) poole asuma روبرو شدن olla vastakkain être en face de לִפנוֹת की दिशा में मुंह करना या खड़ा होना biti okrenut licem prema felé fordul menghadapi snúa að, standa andspænis affrontare ~に向かう 맞서다 stovėti atsigręžus, atsigręžti atrasties pretī berhadapan kijken naar snu/vende seg mot, stå med fronten mot stanąć naprzeciw مخامخ کیدل enfrentar a se întoarce/a sta cu faţa spre стоять лицом к stáť čelom (k) soočiti se gledati vända sig mot, stå (sitta) vänd mot หันหน้า dönmek, çevirmek 使轉向 бути поверненим کسی کی سمت مڑ کر کھڑے ہونا hướng về hoặc quay về phía 使转向3. to meet or accept boldly. to face one’s fate. in die gesig staar, trotseer, aanvaar يُواجِه приемам enfrentar čelit ins Auge sehen affinde sig med αντιμετωπίζωafrontar vastu astuma تن در دادن kohdata affronter לַעֲמוֹד מוּל बहादुरी के साथ सामना करना prkositi, podnijeti, smjelo se oprijeti szembenéz menghadapi horfast í augu við affrontare 立ち向かう 직접 부딪치다 drąsiai pasitikti stāties pretī; spītēt menghadapi onder ogen zienavfinne seg med, akseptere konsekvensene av stawić czoło مخ ته دریدل enfrentar a accepta; a înfrunta встречать смело čeliť spoprijeti se suočiti se stå inför, möta เผชิญหน้า cesaretle karşılamak 勇敢承當 зустрічати сміливо; дивитися прямо у вічі جم کر مقابلہ کرنا đương đầu; đối phó 勇敢承当-faced adjective having a face of a certain kind. a baby-faced man. met ʼn babagesig ذو وَجْـه с лице на cara de s … tváří das –gesicht -ansigt -πρόσωπος (ως β΄ συνθ.) cara de -näoga چهره؛ روی -kasvoinen à visage de פְּנֵי- के तरह का चेहरा वाला lica poput -arcú berwajah með andlit eins og dalla faccia, dal viso -顔の 얼굴이 …한 veido ar … [] seju berwajah met een -gezicht med … ansikt o twarzy … څیره cara de/com ….? cu figură de имеющий такое-то лицо s tvárou … videza koji ima lice poput med [baby]ansikte มีใบหน้าแบบ …yüzlü 具有…臉型的 такий, що має певне обличчя کسی خاص قسم کے چہرے والا (tạo nên tính từ ghép) có một kiểu mặt được nói rõ 具有…脸型的facial (ˈfeiʃəl) adjective of the face. facial expressions. gesigsagtig, gelaatsagtig وَجْهي лицев facial obličejový Gesichts-… ansigts- που ανήκει στο πρόσωπο facial näo- وابسته به صورت؛ چهره ای kasvon facial שֶׁל הַפָּנִים मुंह का, सौंदर्य उपचार lični arc- mengenai wajah andlits- facciale 顔の 얼굴의 veido sejas- mengenai wajah gezichts-ansikts-twarzowy مخنی facial facial лицевой tvárový; tváre obrazen koji se tiče lica ansikts- เกี่ยวกับใบหน้า yüz, yüze ait 面部的 лицьовий, лицевий چہرے سے متعلق thuộc hoặc đối với mặt 面部的facing prepositionfacecloth noun (American washcloth) a piece of cloth for washing the face or body. waslap قِماش غَسْل الوَجْـه кърпа за лице pano de rosto žínka das Gesichtswaschtuch vaskeklud πετσέταmanopla, paño para lavarse näo- või kehapesulapp لیف kasvopyyhe gant de toilette מטלית רחצה मुंह साफ करने का कपड़ा frotir za lice mosdókesztyű kain lap muka/badan (pezzuola per il viso) 洗面タオル 시체의 얼굴을 덮는 천 frotinė prausimosi/maudymosi servetėlė mutes dvielis kain lap muka washandjevaskeklutszmatka لیف،کیسه steag махровая мочалка ,,rukavica“ na osobnú hygienu krpica za umivanje obraza, telesa peškirić za lice tvättlapp ผ้าผืนเล็กสำหรับเช็ดทำความสะอาดใบหน้า el bezi 洗臉毛巾,面巾 м’яка мочалка چہرہ یا جسم دھونے کے لیۓ کپڑا khăn mặt 洗脸毛巾,面巾 ˈfacelift noun1. an operation to smooth and firm the face. She has had a facelift. gesigsverjonging, gesigsontrimpeling تَجْميل الوَجْه بإزالَة التَّجاعيد، شَد الوَجْـه лифтинг plástica facial plastická operace, vyhlazení vrásek kosmetische Gesichtsoperation ansigtsløftning λίφτιγκ προσώπου lifting, estiramiento facial näoringlõikus عمل کشیدن پوست صورت kasvojenkohotus déridage מְתִיחַת פָּנִים चेहरा बेहतर करने के लिए किया जाने वाला आपरेशन kozmeticka operacija za pomladivanje lica arcfiatalító műtét operasi wajah andlitslyfting lifting 美容整形 안면 성형술 plastinė veido operacija plastiskā sejas operācija pembedahan muka face-lift ansiktsløfting operacyjne usuwanie zmarszczek د مخ پوستکی plástica facial lifting facial, ope­raţie estetică подтяжка лица vyhladenie vrások plastična operacija obraza zatezanje lica ansiktslyftning ศัลยกรรมตกแต่งใบหน้าให้ดูอ่อนกว่าวัย yüz gerdirme 整容 підтяжка عمل جراحی کے ذریعہ چہرے کی جھریاں دور کرنا phẫu thuật căng da mặt 整容2. a process intended to make a building etc look better. This village will be given a facelift. opknapping, vernuwing تَجْميل البِناء ремонт reforma renovace die Verschönerung ansigtsløftning εξωραϊσμός lavado de cara iluravi نوسازی نما pintaremontti rénovationשיפוץ मकान इत्यादि को ज्यादा बेहतर दिखने के लिए की गई कार्रवाई renoviranje „kozmetikázás” renovasi umbætur, fegrunaraðgerðir restauro, rifacimento 改造 건물 등의 새 단장 pagražinimas (telpu u.tml.) atjaunošana pengubahsuaian opknapbeurt ansiktsløfting, rehabilitering, oppussing kuracja odmładzająca, zabiegi upiększające بيرته جوړونه pintadela/reforma renovare внешнее обновление renovácia obnova renoviranje ansiktslyftning, uppfräschning ปรับปรุงรูปลักษณ์ภายนอกให้ดูดียิ่งขึ้น görünüşünü güzelleştirme 翻新(建築物) оновлення کسی عمارت کو خوبصورت بنانے کا عمل cải thiện vẻ bề ngoài của cái gì 翻新ˈface-powder noun a type of make-up in the form of a fine powder. She put on face-powder to stop her nose shining. gesig(s)poeier مَسْحوق الوَجْه пудра pó-de-arroz pudr der Gesichtspuder pudder πούδρα polvos para la cara puuder پودر صورت kasvopuuteri poudre de riz פּוּדרָה לַפָּנִים चेहरे पर लगाया जाने वाला पाउडर puder za lice púder bedak andlitspúður, andlitsfarði cipria おしろい 화장품 pudra pūderis bedak muka gezichtspoeder pudderpuder د صورت پودر pó-de-arrozпудра púder puder za obraz puder [ansikts]puder แป้งทาหน้า yüz pudrası 擦臉香粉 пудра для обличчя غازہ ، پوڈر phấn thoa mặt 搽脸香粉ˈface-saving adjective of something which helps a person not to look stupid or not to appear to be giving in. He agreed to everything we asked and as a face-saving exercise we offered to consult him occasionally. aansienreddende مُنْقِذ لماء الوَجْه، مُحافِظ على الكَرامَه запазващ репутацията para salvar as aparências kamuflážní, zachraňující den Schein wahrend som forhindrer en i at tabe ansigt για τη διάσωση του γοήτρου para salvar las apariencias prestiiþi päästev حفظ ظاهر؛ آبرو نگهدار kasvot pelastava qui sauve la face לְהָצִיל אֶת כְּבוֹדוֹ अपनी खाल बचाने के लिए की जाने वाली कार्रवाई da se izbjegne blamaža, (spasi forma) presztízsmentő menyelamatkan muka e-ð sem forðar manni frá skömm/álitshnekki (che salva la faccia) 顔を立てる 체면을 세워주는 gelbėjantis prestižą/reputaciją [] glābšana menyelamatkan muka om zijn gezicht te redden som skal redde ansiktet/bevare maska pozwalający zachować twarz عزت او آبرو حفظ کول /para salvar as aparências care sal­vează reputaţia спасающий престиж kompromisný ki ohrani ugled koji spašava obraz som räddar ansiktet (skenet) เกี่ยวกับการรักษาหน้า durum kurtaran 保全面子的 такий, що рятує добре ім’я آبرو کا پاس یا بھرم رکھتے ہوئے có tính cách giữ thể diện 保全面子的face value the value stated on the face of a coin etc. Some old coins are now worth a great deal more than their face value. sigwaarde, nominale waarde القيمَه الأسْمِيَّه للعِمْلَه номинална стойност valor nominal nominální hodnota der Nennwert pålydende ονομαστική αξία valor nominal nimiväärtus ارزش ظاهری nimellisarvo valeur nominale הָעֶרֶך הַנָקוּב प्रत्यक्ष मूल्य nominalna vrijednost névérték nilai nominal nafnvirði, skrásett verð valore nominale 額面価格 액면가 nominalinė vertė nominālvērtība nilai nominal nominale waarde pålydende, nominell verdi wartość nominalna د ښکاره ارزښټ valor declarado/… nominal? valoare nominală номинальная стоимость nominálna hodnota nominalna vrednost nominalna vrednost nominellt värde ราคาหน้าเหรียญ nominal/yazılı değer 票面價值,面額 номінальна вартість ٹکٹ یا سکے پر لکھی ہوئی قیمت giá trị danh nghĩa (tiền…) 票面价值,表面价值 at face value as being as valuable etc as it appears. You must take this offer at face value. sigwaarde, iets sommer aanneem/ aanvaar/ glo كما تَبْدو قيمَتـه за чиста монета como se apresenta doslova für bare Münze (nehmen) tage for gode varer τοις μετρητοίς creer algo a pies juntillas puhta kullana صورت ظاهری nimellisarvoisena au pied de la lettre לְפִי הָעֶרֶך הָנקוּב प्रत्यक्ष मूल्य अंकित करना prihvatiti bez provjeravanja, zdravo za gotovo névértéken seperti apa adanya taka e-ð fyrirvaralaust, gott og gilt (per quello che vale) 額面通りに 액면가에 už tikrą pinigą ņemt par pilnu nilai lahir zoals het zich voordoet (ta noe) for hva det gir seg ut for, ta for god fisk za dobrą monetę په ظاهر کی no seu valor/? como verdadeiro aşa cum pare за чистую монету doslova dobesedno shvatiti doslovno ta ngt för vad det är värt ตามราคาที่กำหนดไว้ göründüğü değerde 表面價值,面值 за номіналом ظاہری رخ یا حیثيت کے لہاظ سے لینا giá trị bề ngoài 表面价值face the music to accept punishment or responsibility for something one has done. The child had to face the music after being rude to the teacher. die gevolge dra يَقبَل العِقاب أو المَسؤولِيّه ، يُواجِه المَصاعِب приемам последствията aguentar as consequências nést následky die Suppe auslöffeln tage konsekvensen υφίσταμαι τις συνέπειες των πράξεών μου dar la cara, encarar las consecuencias tagajärgedele vastu astuma تاوان پس دادن kantaa vastuu faire face לֹא לְגָלוֹת רְתִיעָה जवाबदेही स्वीकार करना hrabro podnijeti posljedice, ne bježati pred kritikom a következményeket bátran vállalja hukuman taka afleiðingum gerða sinna affrontare le conseguenze 報いを受ける 선선히 난국에 대처하다 atsiimti savo atbildēt par sekām menerima hukuman de gevolgen onder ogen zien ta støyten/følgene wypić piwo, którego się sobie nawarzyło تاوان ورکول enfrentar as consequências/aguentar, aceitar …. ? a suporta consecinţele расплачиваться за свои действия niesť následky sprijazniti se suočiti se s posledicama stå sitt kast รับผิด; เผชิญความยุ่งยาก cezasını kabullenmek 承擔譴責,勇於承擔責任 зустрічати сміливо; дивитися прямо у вічі بھگتنا hứng chịu hậu quả 经受谴责,勇于承担责任 face to face in person; in the actual presence of one another. I’d like to meet him face to face some day – I’ve heard so much about him. van aangesig tot aangesig وَجهاً لِوَجْه лично cara a cara tváří v tvář von Angesicht zu Angesicht ansigt til ansigt πρόσωπο με πρόσωπο cara a cara näost näkku رو در رو kasvokkain face à faceפנים אל פנים आमने-सामने licem u lice, uživo szemtől szembe berhadapan muka augliti til auglitis faccia a faccia 面と向かって 대면하여 akis į akį vaigu vaigā berhadapan muka in levenden lijve ansikt til ansiktosobiście, twarzą w twarz مخامخ cara a cara faţă în faţă лично tvárou v tvár iz oči v oči licem u lice ansikte mot ansikte, öga mot öga ตัวต่อตัว yüzyüze 面對面的 віч-на-віч, сам на сам آمنے سامنے đối diện 面对面的face up to to meet or accept boldly. She faced up to her difficult situation. iets onder die oë sien يُواجِه أو يَقبَل بِجُرأَه посрещам aceitar/enfrentar čelit mutig begegnen se i øjnene; erkende αντιμετωπίζω με θάρρος afrontar kindlalt vastu astuma با شجاعت روبرو شدن kohdata faire face à לְהִתמוֹדֵד עִם पाने का साहस करना suočiti se s, ne zatvarati oči pred szembeszáll vmivel menghadapi horfast í augu við affrontare, far fronte a 立ち向かう 대담하게 맞서다 drąsiai pasitikti/pakelti droši stāties pretī menghadapi onder ogen zienmestre, ta med fatning stawić czoło په دلاوری ک مخامخ کیدل aceitar/enfrentar a privi (drept) în faţă встречать смело čeliť soočiti se (s čim) suočiti se modigt möta, ta itu med รับอย่างกล้าหาญ cesaretle karşılamak 勇敢地對付 бути готовим зустріти سامنا کرنا đương đầu với 勇敢地对付in the face of having to deal with and in spite of. She succeeded in the face of great difficulties. in die aangesig van, ondanks/ ongeag بالرَّغْم въпреки apesar de navzdory trotz til trods for παρά frente a, ante; a pesar de (millelegi) vaatamata با وجود huolimatta en dépit deלמרות के सामने usprkos szembe(n) vmivel dapi frammi fyrir a dispetto di ~にもかかわらず …에도 불구하고 nežiūrint par spīti hadapi ondanksoverfor, tross w obliczu, wbrew سره له دی apesar de/perante? în ciuda вопреки napriek navkljub uprkos trots แม้ว่าจำเป็นต้องเผชิญ …-e rağmen, karşı 儘管 всупереч کنہیں حالات کے باوجود mặc dầu; đối diện 尽管lose face to suffer a loss of respect or reputation. You will really lose face if you are defeated. aansien verloor يفقِد كَرامَته أو احْتِرامَه унижавам се desacreditar-se ztratit tvář das Gesicht verlieren tabe ansigt χάνω το γόητρό μου quedar mal teiste lugupidamist kaotama آبروی کسی رفتن؛ خیط شدن menettää kasvonsa perdre la face לְאַבֵּד יוּקרָה सम्मान या साख खोना osramotiti se, blamirati se presztízsveszteséget szenved kehilangan muka bíða álitshnekki perdere la faccia 面子を失う 망신을 당하다 susigadinti reputaciją zaudēt labo slavu jatuh air muka zijn gezicht verliezen tape ansikt stracić twarz د چا حیثیت ورانول desacreditar-se a-şi pierde reputaţia потерять престиж stratiť rešpekt izgubiti ugled izgubiti obraz förlora (tappa) ansiktet เสียหน้า saygınlığını yitirmek 丟臉 зіпсувати репутацію احترام یا رتبہ کھونا mất thể diện 丢脸make/pull a face to twist one’s face into a strange expression. She pulled faces at the baby to make it laugh. skewebek trek, ʼn gesig trek يقوم بحركات غريبه في وَجْهِه правя физиономии fazer caretas šklebit se, dělat grimasy Gesichter schneiden lave grimasser κάνω γκριμάτσα hacer muecas nägusid tegema شکلک درآوردن؛ دهن کجی کردن ilmehtiä faire des grimaces לַעֲשׂוֹת “פַּרצוּף” किसी को हंसाने के लिए चेहरा बनाना kreveljiti se (nekome) arcokat, grimaszokat vág mengerutkan muka gretta sig fare le smorfie しかめっつらをする 얼굴을 찌푸리다 daryti grimasas vaibstīties; savilkt grimasi mengerutkan muka een gezicht trekken gjøre grimaser robić miny fazer caretas a se strâmba корчить рожи robiť grimasy spakovati se napraviti facu göra en grimas ทำหน้าบิดเบี้ยว yüzünü gözünü gülünç şekle sokmak 做鬼臉 робити гримаси منہ بنانا nhăn mặt 做鬼脸on the face of it as it appears at first glance, usually deceptively. On the face of it, the problem was easy. op die oog af, oënskynlik, oppervlakkig beskou في ظاهِره، كما يَبدو لأول وهْلَه на повърхността aparentemente na první pohled auf den ersten Blick på overfladen; umiddelbart εκ πρώτης όψεως a primera vista esimesel pilgul در نظر اول pintapuolisesti à première vue לְמַרְאִית עַיִן प्रथम दृष्टि जो दिखे na prvi pogled, sudeći po izgledu ránézésre selayang pandang við fyrstu sÿn a prima vista 一見したところでは 얼핏 보기에는 iš pirmo žvilgsnio no pirmā acu uzmetiena selayang pandang op het eerste gezichtumiddelbart, ved et overflatisk inntrykk z pozoru perante as circunstâncias/aparentemente la prima vedere на первый взгляд na prvý pohľad na prvi pogled na prvi pogled av första intrycket att döma อย่างผิวเผิน görünüşe göre 乍看起來 на перший погляд عارضی طور سے xét theo bề ngoài 乍看起来put a good face on it to give the appearance of being satisfied etc with something when one is not. Now it’s done we’ll have to put a good face on it. jou daarin skik, maak asof jy nie omgee nie يُبْدي رضاه преструвам се parecer contente nevšímat si, tvářit se jako by se nic nestalo gute Miene zum bösen Spiel machen lade som ingenting; gøre gode miner til slet spil κάνω την ανάγκη φιλοτιμία aparentar estar contento halva mängu juures head nägu tegema به روی خود نیاوردن antaa tyytyväinen vaikutelma ulospäin faire contre mauvaise fortune bon coeur לִפעוֹל בְּאוֹמֶץ לֵב साहसपूर्वक कह डालना uljepšati stvar, ne pokazati negodovanje jó képet vág vmihez berbuat seolah-olah puas bera sig vel fare buon viso a 平気なふりをする …에 태연한 체하다 apsimesti, kad viskas gerai apgaismot/izskaidrot kaut ko labākā gaismā berbuat seolah-olah puas zich goed houden gjøre gode miner til slett spill robić dobrą minę do złej gry parecer contente/não dar o braço a torcer? a privi lucrurile cu optimism делать хорошую мину при плохой игре tváriť sa, ako keby sa nič nestalo delati se zadovoljnega odobravati nešto čime nismo zadovoljni แสดงออกว่าพอใจ memnun görünmek 裝出心滿意足的樣子 зробити вигляд, що нічого не трапилось مطمئن ہونے کا دکھاوا کرنا làm ra vẻ tốt đẹp cả 装出心满意足的样子save one’s face to avoid appearing stupid or wrong. I refuse to accept the reponsibility for that error just to save your face – it’s your fault. jou aansien red يُنْقِذُ كَرامَته أو سُمْعَتَه спестявам (си) унижението livrar a cara (de) zachovat (si) tvář/pověst das Gesicht wahren redde ansigt διασώζω το γ��ητρο κπ. salvar las apariencias häbist päästma حفظ آبرو کردن pelastaa kasvot sauver la face לְהַצִיל את כְּבוֹדוֹ खराब या बेवकूफ दिखने से बचना spasiti obraz, izbjeći sramotu megőrzi a tekintélyét menyelamatkan muka bjarga virðingu sinni salvare la faccia 面目を保つ 체면이 서다 gelbėti kieno nors prestižą/reputaciją glābt kāda ādu/reputāciju mengelakkan dari kelihatan bodoh zijn gezicht redden redde/bevare ansikt zachować twarz salvar a pele (de alguém)/livrar a cara (de) a salva reputaţia избежать позора zachovať si tvár ohraniti ugled spasiti obraz rädda ansiktet รักษาหน้า vaziyeti kurtarmak 保全面子 врятувати свою репутацію بھرم قائم رکھنا giữ thể diện 保全面子

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→ تَدْلِيكُ الوَجْه, وَجْهِيّ obličejová maska, obličejový ansigts-, ansigtsbehandling Gesichts-, Gesichtsbehandlung περιποίηση προσώπου, προσώπου facial, limpieza de cutis kasvo-, kasvohoito facial, soins du visage facijalni, tretman lica facciale, pulizia del viso 美顔術, 顔の 미안술, 얼굴의 gezichts-, gezichtsbehandeling ansikts-, ansiktsbehandling twarzowy, zabieg kosmetyczny (twarzy) facial, limpeza de pele лицевой, уход за лицом ansikts-, ansiktsbehandling เกี่ยวกับใบหน้า, การบำรุงผิวหน้า yüz, yüz bakımı sự làm đẹp cho mặt, thuộc mặt 面部按摩, 面部的

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adj facial; — cleanser limpiador facial, desmaquillador m; n tratamiento facial, masaje m facial

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