Wart Removal Treatment

FDA-Approved Procedures to Remove All Kinds of Warts

Warts are usually harmless small skin growths caused by a viral infection. You may be looking for wart removal treatment if you find it an aesthetic concern or note it’s spread to surrounding areas causing pain or bleeding. Well, in that case, your search ends here! Rejuvenate Health’s leading dermatologists specialise in safe wart removal treatment using USFDA-approved latest technology. Find out about the wart removal procedure, the results, the before and after images and technology right here!

What Are Warts?

Warts are small, hard and brown to black growths on our skin that appear most commonly on our hands, feet and face. They occur due to Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) attack and can also affect other body areas. Warts are usually asymptomatic but may occasionally cause pain and bleeding. They may not heal by themselves and therefore require medical intervention.

What Causes Warts?

Warts may appear due to an infection and proliferation of different strains of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in our skin. The various virus strains result in wart growth in different body areas.

However, everyone infected by HPV does not develop warts due to the difference in every individual’s immune response. People with weak immunity like those on immunosuppressants or suffering from critical illnesses have more chances of developing warts. Wart growth may occur on the genitalia in sexually transmitted cases.

What Are The Different Type Of Warts?

There are many types of warts, including the following:

  • Common warts: These pea-sized scaly skin growth usually appear on your extremities.
  • Mosaic warts: These white mini warts are usually painless and may cover the sole of the feet partially or wholly.
  • Filiform warts: These facial warts are a major aesthetic concern as they have spikes and a fine brush-like appearance.
  • Plantar warts: These usually grow on ankles and soles. They may cause discomfort as they grow inwards and become challenging to treat.
  • Flat or plain warts: These tiny brown and elevated warts often affect the face and arms. (1)
  • Periungual warts: These warts occur around the nails and look tiny, smooth, shiny and colourless initially but may transform into brown or black skin growths with horny texture. These warts may have fissures, inflammation and tenderness.
  • Genital warts: These sexually transmitted nodular growths are small and scaly and affect the private parts.
    Now that you know about different types of warts, it is time to find out about the safe treatment for eliminating them.

Wart Removal Treatment At Rejuvenate Health

Experienced dermatologists at Rejuvenate Health specialise in removing warts precisely using cutting-edge USFDA-approved radiofrequency technology for performing the advanced electrocautery procedure. They use an electric probe to touch the wart surface and eliminate it from the roots with precision.

Our leading medical experts ensure a safe and comfortable experience by using topical or local anaesthesia based on your wart’s size, type and location. The wart removal treatment at Rejuvenate Health takes place in a sterile environment adhering to stringent safety protocols to minimise the risk of infection and injuries.

Your doctor at Rejuvenate Health may prescribe topical antibiotics as post-treatment care to accelerate your skin’s healing process and minimise side effects. However, it may take up to a week for complete recovery.

Why Choose Rejuvenate Health For Wart Removal Treatment?

Rejuvenate Health Skin & Hair Clinic should be your top choice for safe wart removal because of the following reasons:

  • Rejuvenate Health has the largest team of more than 95 dermatologists trained in using an innovative technique for accurate and safe wart removal.
  • Our use of top-notch USFDA-approved technology ensures you enjoy the best results of the science of transformation.
  • We respect your need for privacy and strive to make you comfortable by ensuring you have a one-to-one interaction with our doctors and subsequently allot private service rooms with dedicated therapists.
  • We try to ensure you enjoy a pain-free experience and take necessary precautions before starting the procedure in a hygienic environment, following all safety guidelines at par with global service standards.
  • Our medical team will share a detailed instruction list customised for your effective post-treatment care to rule out complications.
  • We have conveniently-located state-of-the-art facilities in cities, including Barrackpore, Kolkata, which have a calm ambience to help you enjoy the best-in-clinic experience.
  • Over 3,000 clients trust us for the best results of all advanced aesthetic treatments, including wart removal and rate us a whopping 91% on the satisfaction scale.